Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Am not sure if we have an African or Kenyan word for Ambience. Have you ever wondered why we trash paper on the ground?(no,dont tell me its because we dont have bins.. thats a lame excuse dont you think?), Or why we wont keep our parks well ordered and manicured?, or why it is we are so concerned for neatness in our own compounds( that is those who are) and why we don't care about the environment in our neighbourhood? Am not sure if i have an answer yet.. am sure it has nothing to do with money, and if not money, then what? why do we not care? why?

Take some time today and look around you.. can you do something about the trash? can you moor the grass, trim the hedges or paint the posts ? am sure there is something we can all do.
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Saturday, November 27, 2004


I know, the title sounds emm.....Let me explain. This morning i received a waste calendar for 2005. Its the councils calendar with all the pick up dates for big waste that is trashed from our homes. Each type of waste pick up is spread throughout the year. For example: green recycle is for any green waste such as grass chippings, flowers, weeds, twigs and prunning.

Its good and important to have councils, more so, councils that are split up and manageable. For example: The Kenyan govenrment has been talking about splitting the City council for years, unfortunately, politics seems to rule the game resulting in no action. Its time we as citizens demanded better service from the council. One way to do this, is to split them up in barrows. This would allow for better and efficient management. For example: define type of buildings in neighbourhoods and set the standards on cleanliness.

Here is the website for the council in my area - randwick council
There are lots of ideas to pick from, so lets start thinking smart and working smart as regards waste and keeping our environment clean.
A few ways to start:
-Get your neighbours together
-Find an issue and a solution to it
-Create a time and place where you all meet to discuss and act on things
There is no excuse for not doing something, as citizens we are responsible for our surrounding.

Friday, November 26, 2004


Change is easier than we always imagine. I made a long line today. But am not complaining. There was nobody 'cutting' the line, no shoving and no pushing and i eventually got served. It really is simple, i thought.. its about us willing to follow order. Its about us wanting to change!! So, this is a blog on Africa, for Africa by all. It seeks to improve the environment around us by creating or embracing positive examples from all over the world.
I believe we can change our continent and i believe it's easier than we imagine...