Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Am not sure if we have an African or Kenyan word for Ambience. Have you ever wondered why we trash paper on the ground?(no,dont tell me its because we dont have bins.. thats a lame excuse dont you think?), Or why we wont keep our parks well ordered and manicured?, or why it is we are so concerned for neatness in our own compounds( that is those who are) and why we don't care about the environment in our neighbourhood? Am not sure if i have an answer yet.. am sure it has nothing to do with money, and if not money, then what? why do we not care? why?

Take some time today and look around you.. can you do something about the trash? can you moor the grass, trim the hedges or paint the posts ? am sure there is something we can all do.
Chanuka!!!! Posted by Hello