Friday, December 17, 2004


So, am tired of being asked if am used to this hot summer.. well it goes more like this "so you must be happy its hot now eh! you are used to it!!!" (By this time a part of me is screaming.. please dont go there.. am out to be positive today and hoping no snide remark gets the better of me( which usually happens when i get people having converstaions based on percpetions))

The word developed seriously needs to be reconsidered. Yep am in Australia.. right down under.. where clips on Africa and any other developing country are mainly on hunger and war.. ' not that i find that an excuse for ignorance....

The other day we were comparing notes with a group of friends..
Person A: You come from from where again?
Reply from B: Tanzania
Person A: Oh, i know Tazmania, i have been there a number of times..
B thinking( no point explainig the disconnection.. they just never get it!)

Okay enough rantings.. what am i doing about it?

Correct the ignorance there and then. In your talks on Africa try and inject some positive thought other than animals and great safaris!!. I have a talk on perceptions and why we think the way we do and where our 'so called knowledge' about anything comes from...
Hopefully this deep probbing gets us all to question our thoughts and beliefs.

Maybe am refusing to put myself in a box? am i? refusing to let perceptions mar my otherwise positive thoughts of who i am and where i am from...maybe i may never win the perception crap ..but hey one must try , must'nt they?
Enjoy your day.