Monday, December 13, 2004


Proffesor Wangari Maathai's Nobel prize is an honour to the world as she epitomizes the spirit of CHANUKA!!

Here are extracts from her speach:
"I would like to call on young people to commit themselves to activities that contribute toward achieving their long-term dreams. They have the energy and creativity to shape a sustainable future. To the young people I say, you are a gift to your communities and indeed the world. You are our hope and our future."

"I call on leaders, especially from Africa, to expand democratic space and build fair and just societies that allow the creativity and energy of their citizens to flourish"

"Africans, especially, should re-discover positive aspects of their culture. In accepting them, they would give themselves a sense of belonging, identity and self-confidence"

"Those of us who have been privileged to receive education, skills, and experiences and even power must be role models for the next generation of leadership" (Mathai, 2004)

For the full speach see MAATHAI NOBEL LECTURE