Friday, February 25, 2005


I dont know about you but am tired of that word.. i think its here to stay.. bridging the divide?
Here is my reason for a pent up frustration:
I tried to go online today to register for a course. Yes a simple online application and then walla i had to have a credit card to pay the money. I figured i could go directly to the office and pay the 50 dollars required for the processing fee but was told that (no you wont believe this) it will cost me 100 dollars since its a manual processing...?? do you gitch or is it me who is having a difficulty here...

So bottom line is i have to have a credit card to be online even if i could go to the office and do it. Bottom line is that manual processing in any applicaiton will cost more than online application...

This simple issue got me thinking:
What does this mean to Africa? are we therefore not more left out of the digital domain. the social issues of getting a credit card initself in africa are frustrating. proving you can afford it is one issue, then.. most cant even afford a basic food, shelter and clothing so a credit card ??

Food for thought?

Yes am back online.