Monday, March 21, 2005


Last week SBS the leading news telecast in Australia presented an overview of Kenya's current issues. It's main highlight was "corruption in Kibaki's government". They noted that corruption had increased under the kibaki regime and cited issues of corrupt government ministers and public servants. The flower industry was put in the limelight as a leading industry in the nation, but it was noted that corruption had meant that funds were being diverted to other areas instead of being used to improve on the infrastructure of the nation.

The above, telecast aired during the prime news both at its 7 and 10 pm telecasts continue to confirm the diminishing status that Kenya is receiving internationally. As issues of corruption continue to go unabated and as the government continues its high talk without any action on corruption, it is becoming increasingly clear that unless Kenyan's begin to step in and ask for accountability from its leaders, we will never step into the age of development. Its is argued that the press in Kenya as well as all Kenyans need to take on a leading role in ensuring that we put politicians and public servants in their place-servants of the country!! not servants unto the themselves!!.

Indeed the telecast noted that Kenya was one of the leading nations in Africa, but that it would have been way ahead where it not for the bad leadership that we as Kenyan's have continued to vote in.