Monday, May 16, 2005


Here is my querry, why does the our government have issues with runners defecting..? The way i see it, much better to earn your income through legit hard work (in this case running)than be like our current government who condon all sorts of corruption.

While i feel terribe that runners are defecting.. i dont blame them, its what everyone else is doing in different ways to earn a living. We all know that they are kenyans, dont we?...does having a paper that says otherwise change things? What it does is give them the oppportunity to gain the rewards that our country does not provide. Lets face it, we dont give our sportsmen enough attention and we dont encourage or praise them...
Maybe we can learn abit or two from the western world who devote so much of their energies into building a generation of sportsmen.

That said, more 'kudos' to those who invest back in the country and yes, build it up through their hard legit work!!.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


This is a follow on from the last post.

Okay so you are not in Kenya and you are wondering what tools to use: well, how about pen and paper.. or the computer and send an email or write a letter to the editors registering your views on whats happening. Its not doing it once that counts but all the time, until someone has to listen.....

If words are not your kind of thing, then pick a phone and get a few people together and find an activity that you can support at home. Its sad to always think we rely on the west for support with small projects in our communities.. this is my challange i hope it becomes your too...

Alternatively join an action group, if in Kenya or the rest of Africa, then get people together and start doing something for the community. Leadership is founded around you. We are and can all be leaders!.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Dear Kenyans,
Am not sure how to write this. At the moment, my views towards the current leaders of our country (both the present government and the opposition) give me no source of joy. There continued presence in leadership is instead proof of the fact that we as Kenyans tolarate and do not condem their continued existance in power.

As a Kenyan, i am confident of the hope that Kenyans have for the future and the development of our nation, but i am also confident that the current leadership is not the flagship underswhich development will sail. Instead, all i have read for the last 31 years of my life are about our nations corruption by these very leaders who are to uphold democracy.

Am asking and calling on all you Kenyans, whereever you are, it's time, it's time we stood our ground, its time to defend the rights of our nation, Our country, Our people. My country!!!!,my people!!. It's time to stop being a backbencher, a newspaper reader, a talker with no teetch!!, its time we used all the tools we each have to fight and resist leadership that seeks to take our nation on its knees.

This is the first of my many protests. I can no longer stand to read, i refuse to be on the sidelines, today i pick my tools and resist!. I AM NO LONGER AT EASE........