Tuesday, October 04, 2005


To my fellow Kenyans
I have thought hard about putting this on my blog and decided i cannot stand to have politicians and Kenyan leaders abuse the "right to know" of every individual.

I urge you all to vote on the current constitution based on a reading of the constitution.

A constititution if for a future generaiton , not mine and not yours but your children's children.

The current consititution will reveal a short-termist, non-posterist, unfair and legally biased document that is not based on the majority of Kenyans but on political wimps!!!. -A NO vote therefore stands, as this allows us to revist the consitition and make it right. We have waited this long.. we can wait!!.

I implore you again, if Kenyan, read the constitution and make your mind based on its reading not on political interests.